Coffee in New York used to suck. I could never find a decent cup o' joe, but sometimes that's okay. Life is tough in the big city, so drinking crappy coffee can toughen you up for the challenge. Sometimes you have to do bad things just to survive, so a crap cup of coffee can be the atonement you need to look yourself in the mirror and keep going.

If you watch movies and TV shows about the struggle in NYC, you'll often see people drinking lousy street coffee out of these distinctive blue paper cups. These are known as Anthora Cups and have been around since the '60s. They were designed for street vendor and diner use which was predominantly run by Greek immigrants, hence the Greek theme.

They are cool as hell, though, and the perfect accessory for your hard-boiled New York detective cosplay, or for when you're feeling particularly hipsterish.

We dig them here at Killers' Choice Coffee Co. because they remind us of the gritty underbelly of society. We've said before that killers don't have time for coffee pretense (most of the time). They just need a good cup of coffee with no messing around. We think it adds to the mystique when you put it in the right to-go cup.

Killers' Choice is good quality, no-nonsense coffee roasted in the Hudson Valley from the best fair-trade beans we can find. It's blue-collar coffee that will give you the boost you need to get the job done, no matter how unpleasant. It's no good for atoning for your sins, but it is the perfect reward for a job well done.

While supplies last, we'll send you a cup and lid with each bag purchased.

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