We had a whole big launch planned, but then the world went to hell, but what the heck, Killers like you still need their coffee.

So, here's the deal: You get 40% off everything you buy off this site, but it might take us 6 to 8 weeks to get it to you. Buy now and help us get this thing going and get a KILLER DEAL on some good coffee and swag that you need anyway.

Enter the discount code INEEDCOFFEE at check-out and watch your total drop by 40%. Exciting!

Bonus Deal: If you dig horror movies (and you do) in particular Texas Chainsaw movies, if you buy $60 *PRE-DISCOUNT* worth of coffee, mugs, whatever, you can get a signed Leatherface 8X10 glossy for free. Make sure you send an email to KILLERSCHOICECOFFEE@GMAIL.COM and let us know how you want it signed. Get one for your girl or guy and enjoy unimagined power over them for the rest of their lives (don't be evil, though).

40% off is a tasty deal, but we know we are asking a lot. Supplies of stock are still up in the air, but your faith in us will be rewarded. Our goal is 6 to 8 weeks to ship. We promise to keep you informed as we progress. Signed photos will be shipped immediately.

Thanks, Killer!

Killers' Choice Coffee Co.